Friday, January 30, 2009


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I know identity theft is a growing problem, but I swear there are some days when I would like to leave the windows down and the key in the ignition and pray for someone to steal mine so I could get another one. No, that wouldn’t work because then I would have to steal someone else’s. Maybe I could post a barter ad on Craig’s List—“WM willing to trade lives. Serious inquiries only. Wife and kids do not convey.”

But identity theft can take other forms. Look at Journey. I saw a tribute band awhile back and they were very credible. The lead singer kinda looked like Steve Perry and was spot-on with the vocals. Let’s face it—Steve Perry is Journey; the other guys are totally anonymous.

Ironically, the “real” Journey was coming to town a couple of weeks later, and I got to thinking that since they’ve got that Filipino guy singing lead the group has turned into a tribute band of themselves. They’ve stolen their own identity! I’m glad I only paid $5 to see those other guys for basically the same show.

Maybe someone will figure out how to do a secret identity theft. While Superman’s saving Metropolis Clark Kent’s identity vanishes, or Bruce Wayne’s persona disappears as Batman is chasing the Riddler. Superman would have to freeze his butt off at the Fortress of Solitude, and poor Batman would be homeless, living in the Batmobile. Halloween is the only day they could wander around in public

Oops, gotta go—already got a hit on my Craig’s List post. What? Rod Blagojevich? Come on, dude—I said serious inquiries only!