Monday, June 7, 2010

Why Not?

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I've been thinking a lot about our visit  to a restaurant last week.  Not so much about the meal itself, although it was memorable.  We were at a parradilla spot with a friend and ordered the dinner that was billed as serving 2-3.  What came out of the kitchen was a bowl of salad that really served one (they're not too into salads here), a bowl of potatoes I'd say for four, and a HUGE platter of grilled every-kind-of-meat-you-can-think-of that would serve 2-3------lions.  Wow.

What really stuck with me wasn't the restaurant or the meal--it was the proprietor of the placeHe spoke very little English, but there was one phrase he absolutely loved to repeat.  And it was not just what he said but how he said it--with a huge smile on his face--with animated body language that transcends verbal communication--with-----with gusto.

WHY NOT?!?!?

I'd like to humbly suggest you take a few quiet moments and contemplate the power of such a simple question. 

Instead of:

"Why?," ask "Why not?."

Instead of:

"Why are you going?," ask "Why are you staying?."

Instead of:

What if _______ goes wrong?," ask "What if it doesn't?."

Then perhaps you'll be moved to:

Do something new.

Do something interesting.

Do something fun.

Do something.


What have you really got to lose except another safe, predictable, dare I say, boring day?

We all live an endless succession of "now."  Each of our moments is our unique capital, our individual treasure, while on this earth.  Your capital cannot be saved or hoarded.   It is constantly being used up, one moment at a time, either by you or someone else.  Choose to spend it wisely. 

Why not?!?!?


Brenda A. said...

Well said Edd. Just wish I could actually do that but love the thought ....will think on it some more and try harder. Love to you and Cynthia.


Ninjagaiden78 said...

Hey Ed,

I like your blog. I am in the process of moving and I am deciding between Ecuador and Indonesia. Could you tell me what are some of the good/bad with living in Ecuador? How far does the US dollar go?



Mike Grimm said...

Hello Ed,

We (Mike & Pat Grimm) have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blogs and love your sense of adventure and sense of humor. Looking forward to meeting you in person as we are moving to Cuenca in August. We have listed your blog as one of our favorites on our blog that we've just created at (Our email address is

We particularly have enjoyed your periodic countdown summaries describing the process of preparing for your trip from the U.S. to Ecuador... We have almost duplicated your experiences.


Mike and Pat

Edd Staton said...

Ninjagaiden, I can only comment about Cuenca, since we haven't gotten to explore the rest of this beautiful country yet. I can't speak highly enough of this little city, but you really need to visit wherever you're considering and not depend on other people's recommendations too much. I see you like Nirvana & Ice Cube, whereas I'm not into the Cube--yaknowwhatimsayin?

Edd Staton said...

Mike & Pat, thanks for your kind words. Being "desert people" like us you'll really appreciate the moderate weather here, although it's been a bit overcast & drizzly (is that a word?) the past week. Still WAY better than 100+ degrees every day!!