Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Manana Finally Comes!!

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When Cynthia and I first announced that we had decided to move to Ecuador, almost everyone we knew thought we were crazy. Of course nobody actually said, "What, are you crazy?." Well, maybe somebody did; I can't remember. But I know that's what a LOT of people were silently thinking when they said things like, "Really? Ecuador? That's interesting---------."

You know what, I don't blame them. Before we started researching relocation possibilities I couldn't have pinpointed Ecuador on a globe if you had offered me a million dollars (apologies to my geography teachers, whoever you were--sorry, I can't remember you either!). And Cuenca? How do you pronounce this place, honey--Soo-In-Suh? (it's Coo-Wayne-Kuh). At the time, who knew?

So of course we got our fair share of teasing about living in a grass hut and trading in our car for a burro, right? Then when we moved here but first were staying in a hotel, then a furnished studio, then a "temporary" apartment while ours was being "finished"--month after month after month--well, folks were perhaps starting to get a bit suspicious. And, again, I don't blame anyone for those thoughts. If I was in the States and had no familiarity with the endless "manana's" that define the Latin American culture I'd probably be saying, "Those crazy Staton's. They up and move to friggin' Ecuador. Edd blogs about all this fun they're having, but what's up with this place they never seem to move into? I'm telling you, there's something wrong down there!!"

Guess what---WE'RE IN!!!!!!!! Finally a week of harmonic convergence appeared out of nowhere and last night we at last slept in our own bed, in our own residence-----------------.

I had to pause for a moment just then. This journey has blessed us in SO many ways, and sitting here right now surrounded by our possessions in this beautiful home is almost overwhelming---I don't think I can even describe my feelings at this moment. Let these pictures speak for me and put to rest any feelings of those who were genuinely worried about us. We truly appreciate you caring.

Our foyer.

View down the foyer.

Breakfast room


Living room

Dining room

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

As a dear friend of mine in the States said, "Not bad for a couple of gringos on a fixed income in a 3rd world South American country." I think we're gonna be fine.


Nancy Watson said...

Edd and Cynthia, Your home is beautiful. I'd say it was worth the patience.

Sapa Ynca said...

Beautiful Ed! Going with your instinct usually pays off doesn't it!
"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” - Andre Gide

zootenval said...

Bueno, Senor Edd! Tu residencia es fantastico...chevere!

isop3 said...

Really good looking digs!
Glad it all worked out for you and your now not those crazy homeless vagabonds that I kept reading about all this time.

clubhaus said...

I didn't see my room..........bummer!

Mick and Kathy Wesson said...

A truly lovely place! The furnishings are simply fantastic. Who could ask for more? Unless it was free room and board. Congrats on your really lovely place!!!!

Peter and Shelagh said...

The shower reminds me of something in a Woody Allan movie!!

Congrats, Peter and Shelagh

Mike Grimm said...

WOW! Tip your hats and trot around the bases, you guys have hit a home run! Your home is the best we've seen, so far. Looks hard to beat. Nice going,y'all.

"The best revenge is living well".

Mike and Pat Grimm

Monique said...

Monique & Michael

Edd Staton said...

Thanks to all for the kind comments. Our stuff is our stuff, y'know, and we like it--that's why we shipped it. We appreciate you attending our informal "open house." It's so encouraging to have the support of people we've in some cases never met on this improbable and unpredictable journey.

Gary and Sue said...

Edd & Cynthia,
Glory...The power of patience!
I notice you did not favor us with your address. But, you put a smile on my face as I imagine you enjoying su casa nueva.
Now, to apply that patience learning espanol.
Rejoicing with you,
Gary Gaither

Mike and Johnie said...

Glad to hear that you are finally in your residence. It looks beautiful.

Jim said...

Edd & Cynthia,

Your new place is awe-inspiring. I can't wait until I am placed in an unfurnished apartment, where I get the chance to decorate it myself. It may be about the only time I get to be creative; since I don't sing, dance, play and instrument, or draw. Edd, go a little easy on the Ecuadorians. Service for maintenance, installations, and/or construction are not always so smooth here in the states as well. I can tell you some real horror stories of what some of my friends went through during remodeling projects.

Edd Staton said...

Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes!

AggieBoy said...

Stunning! Gorgeous!
Worth the wait!

My wife and I are 44 and the more we read about Ecuador and Cuenca, the more determined we are to get our financial house in order so that will be able to take advantage of what you and others have already discovered, sooner rather than later.

On a side note, what are your thoughts about how the Ecuadoran medical system will be able to handle your medical needs 10, 15 years from now, when they are likely to be chronic and more impactful? That's my main concern about latter years over seas. What will it be like when I'm 85?

Edd Staton said...

AggieBoy (it's a bit strange to address someone as AggieBoy, but that's all I've got to work with) your question is a good one. So I fear my answer is going to sound flippant, and please know it's not intended to be. If you had asked me when I was 45, "What do you think it will be like to live in Cuenca, Ecuador in 15 years" I would have answered, "What in the hell are you talking about?." My point is, I have no idea what life will be like for me that far in the future. Medical care is excellent here, but if at the time period you describe I need something that's not available, guess what---I'll move!! Being here is a choice, not a prison sentence.

leevb said...

Hi Edd...I'm late finding your blog, and I'm having a great time reading. Your writing style is very entertaining. LOVE your new apartment, and am interested if there is an area of the city you could recommend to look for a place? I've heard there are areas where gringos seem to gather, but I also hear from those who want to be more of a part of their adopted city and opt to live among Cuencanos...your feelings? Kudos to you both on the decorating skills...the apartment is just magnificent...I'm luvin' that shower.