Saturday, October 23, 2010

So How Did "Gringos & Friends" Go?

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Incredibly well, I'm happy to report. I met with the owner the day before the event to make sure that there was going to be proper staffing and plentiful food and drink. I estimate around 100 or so people showed up over the course of the evening, which was definitely on the upper end of projected turnout. Many folks enjoyed appetizers and/or dinner while there, which is a radical departure from the established Friday night gathering (where everyone socializes, drinks, and leaves).

Mucho compliments and zero complaints were heard about the facility, the food, and the service. I sent out the original email invitation and encouraged recipients to forward it on to their friends (which was kind of the idea of the whole thing) and that obviously happened, because I had never even seen probably one fourth of the people who showed up. That was extremely encouraging.

Cynthia and I were interviewed that night by a reporter from the local newspaper, and we mentioned how numerous expats are actively engaged in our new hometown and involved in volunteer work. The article showed up in yesterday's edition, and I have received numerous emails regarding worthwhile projects around the city. In fact we already had a wonderful meeting just last night to discuss an upcoming cancer-related event (a subject of obvious personal importance to us).

So who knows where this little idea may take us? I will share with you now there are several exciting possibilities percolating that I hope to present soon. In the meantime, have a fun-filled weekend and see you next Tuesday at Di Bacco!!


indel said...

A big step for the Gringano-Cuencano population (I don't think that it sounds pejorative). It will contribute to the intense (as I read) cultural life of Cuenca –Philharmonic Orchestra concerts, Art Galleries. Is there an estimate of how many Gringo run restaurants and caf├ęs?

Edd Staton said...

You have to define "gringo." The California Kitchen family is actually from the US; the Kookaburra kids are from Australia; Mike at Inca is from wherever--I think Costa Rica was his last stop. That's it as far as I know.

indel said...

From a Mexican colleague I knew that gringo is the definition of the Norte Americanos (how about my promising Spanish?). Latter I had the impression that the name applies to all the guys coming from USA, UK, Europe, westerners – in general.
Talking about Europe, a long time ago I applied for doing work for Dept. of Defense, bidding on solicitations. The government offices are very politically correct ad it was just started to be generalized the Affirmative Action, in which the “right” categorizing of races – strike that, replace with minorities - was important. All people from Europe were considered white except those from …Spain.

Cody Hamilton said...

Hi Edd. My husband and I have been reading your blog since last winter as we hope to be moving to Cuenca. We will be in Cuenca for about 3 weeks at Christmas and hope that there may be Gringos & Friends and other expat gatherings while we are there. Thanks for the great pictures of Spring. Can't wait to see sun and flowers as I am coming from Prague - definitely not sunny or blooming right now. I appreciate your writing. Hope next year we will begin to make Cuenca home! Cody and Michael Hamilton