Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Springtime in Cuenca!

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The locals like to claim that there are no seasons in Cuenca. The flora disagrees--it's springtime here, folks! Hard for you on the other side of the equator to imagine, I'm sure, as the weather is getting colder. These are some pics I took walking through our neighborhood on the way to the grocery store.

Is this place beautiful or what???


Sapa Ynca said...

Ed that first one is called "Supirosa" or something I am told. It is commonly used to make a barrier because of it thorns and thick growth. I joke with all my friends in Ec that whatever it is...I just wish the hundreds of roosters in my village would not yell it's name out every morning so early! grin

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Mike and Johnie said...

The photos made me see the beauty that I have just passed by and just thought "flowers". Taking each one out as a separate photo made me wonder how many bits of beauty I missed in my time here. Really well done.

indel said...

Well, well...It is not only a handful of people reading (and enjoying) Edd’s blog. It seems that there is higher call for him, to join a place that will launch him to the world! Add to this the exposure through El Mercurio and Don Edd will be accessible with only a prior (usually two weeks) appointment.
At least I can brag that I discovered him (yes, it’s true. I was browsing the Internet and I found his blog….) Nicholas

David L. Akins said...

Can't wait to get down there. I will be leaving a week from this Sunday. Look forward to seeing you in person.

My Cuencan friends, Silvia and Paul, will be picking me up at the airport. What friendly people....and I haven't met them in person either.

Anonymous said...

Edd, Just came back from visiting Salinas, very nice! I'm planning to go back to specifically visit Cuenca next month. Can you let me know dates for your get together? I'd like to join if schedule coincides. Thanks.
Al Alberto

Edd Staton said...

Al, Gringos & Friends is on Tuesday nights from 5 until-------. Cynthia & I will be in the States most of December, but hope to meet you on a future trip here.