Monday, January 31, 2011


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While flying back from the States in late December Cynthia and I had a chat and agreed that we needed to slow down our social life in Cuenca in 2011. God knows we’ve been having an absolute blast, but we’re not kids anymore. Hell, we didn’t party like this when we were kids!


It’s Monday morning. I’m quietly sitting here enjoying a cup of coffee and thankful that, except for me going to the gym in a bit, we don’t have a single thing planned today. I’m particularly thankful for this quiet, eventless Monday because I can’t remember when one of our New Year’s resolutions has been abandoned so quickly and completely.

Part of that dialing back idea included going to bed and getting up earlier. We were shooting for 10:30 and 6:30.


Thursday night we had folks over and went to bed at 1:30. Got up at 11 (YIKES!) to a kitchen crammed full of dirty dishes (OOF!). Friday night we went to some friends’ home and once again hit the pillows at 1:30. Got up at 9 Saturday morning only because we had a couple coming to lunch at around noon. Squeezed in a quick nap, then went to a party that night until 12:30.

Got up at 9 yesterday to get ready for a group picnic in the afternoon. Had a lot of fun eating and drinking, took a nap in a eucalyptus forest at the park,

threw the Frisbee until we were pooped out, came home and stayed up until 12:30 last night watching Black Swan and two downloaded episodes of American Idol.


You know, things happen slower here in Latin America. Maybe we haven’t broken our resolution at all. Maybe it’s just unfolding at, shall we say, a more leisurely pace. Maybe we’ll go to bed early tonight and get February off to a proper start.

That’s a lot of maybe’s. This much I know----last week was so much fun!!!

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Sue and Pat said...

You sure look relaxed in the park. It looks like you have been having wonderful weather lately. Can't wait to see everything. Sue Woods