Friday, May 6, 2011

She Came in through the Bathroom Window

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We are blessed with phenomenal views of Cuenca from our apartment. Many folks hope for at least a little kitchen window--we've got a monster expanse of glass and can see for miles.

Even from the master bathroom we look out at the city and the mountaintop community of Turi. Trouble is, Cuenca could peer right back at us when we emerged from the shower or tub.

Something needed to be done, but we were kind of stumped.

You see, we didn't want to block our view of the mountains, so curtains or Roman shades were out. We needed to cover the lower half of the windows, and while we'd seen Levalor blinds in the States that attached and pulled up from the bottom, that idea, if even possible here, would be prohibitively expensive.

Our interior design friend Caty Jaramillo of Trapitos (see "It's Curtains for Us") suggested privacy film and knew just the guy to send over. Privacy film? We'd never heard of it, but like everything else enlightenment was only a Google search away.

It turned out there are some very creative and interesting design possibilities with this product. We saved one we particularly liked to show Saul Coronel, the owner of Disenarte. Like Caty, he arrived right on time for his appointment and quickly measured our windows. We pulled up the website we had saved on our computer and asked if he could make something similar for us.

"I can exactly match that if you want," was his reply. Saul quoted us an extremely reasonable price for the design, materials, and installation, and we said, "Giddyup!"
A few days later he emailed us a mockup of the finished product for our approval, and within a week he was back in the bathroom meticulously applying the film to our windows.

When he finished we were astonished--our windows looked exactly like the picture we had shown him!

Privacy film is a remarkably attractive and inexpensive alternative to typical window treatments, and Saul Coronel of Disenarte is the go-to guy if you want to use it for the windows in your home or business. Email him at or call 072881185 (office) or 088390152 (cell).


Anonymous said...

Hi Edd...
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Hi Ed & Cynthia
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