Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

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So where in the hell have I been for the past few weeks? Not sitting at this computer banging out witty blog posts, that’s for sure! Our trip to the States yielded numerous experiences and observations that I will expound upon now that we are back home. But honestly, during the first part of our month-long visit I wasn’t that busy but just didn’t care about writing anything, and the second half I was in the mood but too damn busy.

Yes, we are back in Cuenca. After a full day of air travel Friday that involved (and as of this moment continues to involve) a missing suitcase followed by the always relaxing van trip through the Cajas we arrived home Saturday afternoon and quickly discovered that 1) our shower that had been repaired while we were away still leaks and 2) we had (once again) no internet connection. A more appropriate homecoming couldn’t have been purposely planned.

I mentioned to Cynthia at dinner tonight that a big part of the admission price to enjoy our lifestyle is not based on dollars as much as simply being willing and able to put up with a lot of crap sometimes. Not always, but sometimes. The shower will eventually quit leaking, and the internet people should have us back in business tomorrow. These inconveniences and delays, though never mentioned in the glowing regurgitations about why you should live here, are what you sign up for when moving to this culture.

On the plus side, we had zero food in the house after a month away. I brought so many bags back from the Supermaxi yesterday that four both-arms-full trips up and down our four flights of stairs were required. Cost: $100.

Only a few hours after getting back Saturday, dragging 50 pound (to the ounce) suitcases up the just mentioned stairs, getting cleaned up in the still-leaky shower and crashing for a quick nap in our dearly missed bed, we went to a big dinner party. Perhaps you think that was a crazy thing to do. You are correct. But we love the hosts and knew a lot of our friends would be there, so it was a great chance to visit with folks we’ve missed seeing. Plus a few guests got fall-down drunk and that’s always a hoot.

Yesterday we slept until 10 and except for my trip to the grocery store didn’t even leave the house. It was supremely enjoyable to be in our place with our stuff, unpack a little, watch some mindless TV (E Weekend News? Lindsay Lohan and Selena Gomez updates? Really???), get a bit tipsy, and crash.

Once we’re settled I’ll share some stories about being a grandparent, visiting the very beautiful and interesting state of Montana, and my unexpected trips (that’s tripS, with an “s” at the end) to friggin’ Trenton, NJ of all places, as well as random thoughts and musings about whatever.

That is, if and when we have internet service. So let’s close by singing that old John Denver ditty together: “Hey, it’s good to be back home again-----.”

It really is.



I'm so glad you're back in Cuenca! I hope everything is back to normal. I can't wait to hear about your grandchild! Yes, it's great to be grandparents! Congrats again. Lots of hugs, from Oro Verde, Cuenca. Hope you come by and visit, when you can! Hugs, FABBY

TravelPhotoWriter said...

WELCOME BACK! Just in time for US to be leaving again Monday... Looking forward to your musings, as always! - J&R

Emilio said...

Glad to here you had a good visit, and happy to be home. I very much like reading your blog and hope to one day visit Cuenca, as I will be retiring soon and looking for a place there. Keep up the good work.
Emilio and Sandy from Niagara Falls

thewells said...

We are so glad you made in back safely. My husband and I have enjoyed reading your blog and have been awaiting a recent post to comment. You are such a talented writer and have given us great insight into what we can expect from Cuenca. We will be visiting Ecuador in October and are planning to check out the city. If all goes well, we may be calling it home too within the next year or so.

Mary & Charles