Tuesday, March 20, 2012


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Remember when fax machines first came on the market? You know, the ones with the weird paper that looked like the Dead Sea scrolls after a month or so? I was totally fascinated that you could put a document in your machine and somehow transmit the image over telephone lines to a receiver anywhere in the world. Sending a picture over wires meant for sound was absolute magic to me.

We just returned from a 3 week visit to the US last night and I must admit that the act of getting on a plane and emerging hours later someplace completely different similarly seems like magic every time I experience it. Yesterday morning we left JFK in New York at 8 AM and by lunchtime we were in the airport in Bogota, Columbia (the "magic" was admittedly a bit tainted when the first thing I saw was a Dunkin' Donuts shop). Everyone was speaking English, now it's Spanish; dollars, now pesos. I woke up in Hoboken, New Jersey and went to sleep in my own bed in Cuenca, Ecuador.

It's fantastic! I love it!

I've got a number of stories to tell and observations to make from our visit. At first I was fretting about not keeping up the blog in real time. Then I decided chronology is so overrated and I'd just wait until I returned and write as ideas/themes come to me.

So stay tuned. And, while the subject is still fresh, if there is a US vs. living abroad topic you'd like my thoughts on post a comment or shoot me an email.

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cemax said...

Hi Edd- I would like a comparison to your experience living where you are versus living in the States. How is your current living better than living back here in the states. We are both looking for a place to move and are anxious for your insite.