Sunday, April 29, 2012

Painting Class

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One of the things I looked forward to pursuing in retirement was more involvement in the arts. I've always been pretty good at drawing and thought I might have talent in other areas. Years ago I took a sculpting class and produced this piece,

but life seemed to keep getting in the way of regular instruction. We moved here, and although a valid point can be made that I've now got all the time in the world, no art seemed to be happening. Finally several months ago I sat down at a canvas and this was the result.

I was pleased with the painting but, my God, it took forever! With zero training and technique I bumbled my way through and was thoroughly weary of the whole thing by the time I said, "Enough!"

So I've started a painting class. Gary Myers, a retired art teacher from New Mexico with 25 years experience, recently moved here and was persuaded to share his expertise with Cuenca. His guidance is both personal and positive, and after only two sessions I've learned so much.

I told Gary my main objective was to learn how to paint faster. I'm using acrylics for the first time, and they are so much easier and quicker to clean up than the oils I was using before. Here's the canvas I'm working on after lesson #1,

and this is what it looked like when I left on Friday:

These 3+ hours of work would have taken probably 3 days previously, so I think I'm heading in the right direction. I've got four more classes; I'll probably indulge myself and post "progress reports" along the way.


Jim said...

Well, Ed, I'll be up front with you. I'm not very impressed with your sculpture piece. Although it's not bad if its a first attempt. I've never before sculpted, so what you did was probably better than anything I can do.

Now as for your painting, that may be where your talent lies. The oil landscape above, I find most impressive. It's not just like a photograph, you really captured the essence of the scene. Congratulations.
Jim Mola

CheryLynn said...

Hi Ed, Something I recently learned working with both oils and acrylics - if you have access to Dawn Dish Liquid you can wash out both your acrylic and oil brushes easily. Also - if your brushes get paint down in where the base is that won't come out with regular washing, boil some water and dip the brush (not up the the wood part)into the water. then just hold up the brush and let the paint loosen and begin to drip down the brush. repeat a few times, then you can wash it good and it will be clean tip to base.

Sharon Harrison said...

I have really enjoyed reading your interesting blog. We are moving to Cuenca in July of 2013. I am an artist and would like to know the availability of pre-stretched canvas and oil paints there. Do you know if these items are easily found and if they are expensive?

Thanks so much for your help.