Friday, October 4, 2013

The Day of the Living Dead

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It's noon and I just left Cynthia a voice message--my first spoken words of the day. Usually by now I would have uttered hundreds (my wife would more correctly put the word count in the thousands).

But this is by no means a "usual" day. I just returned home from the States alone last night while Cynthia remains behind for a few more days. Our maid came yesterday so it was great to walk into a clean house. And to lie down in our comfortable bed on clean sheets.

I didn't sleep particularly well, and discovered that my internal "alarm clock" has been reset to the much earlier wake up call of our family. I definitely need to work on that one. How odd it was to hear the murmur of traffic outside but no sounds of awakening babies.

All day travel involving three flights takes a toll on me, and I've found myself wandering around the apartment somewhat aimlessly all morning. I managed to take a shower and get the luggage unpacked in fits and starts, but was so tired by mid-morning that I went back to bed for awhile. I have a strong notion this is going to be a two nap day.

Cynthia had the foresight to cook and freeze something to eat before we left. I couldn't muster the hindsight to remember what was in the container. Beef stew. Shweet! Meal in a bowl and thankfully no cooking for me tonight.

A trip to Supermaxi is nevertheless my one absolute agenda item for the day. We did an awesome job of eating almost everything in the refrigerator and pantry, which now puts me in Old Mother Hubbard mode. I could survive indefinitely on peanut butter sandwiches and milk, but----. Looking at the grocery list I compiled I'm pleased to note that items from the produce section outnumber everything else in the store.

Speaking of which, a quick aside. I was stunned at how HUGE the fruits and vegetables are in the US. Apples the size of small grapefruits? I sometimes read about GMO's, but, wow, what a visible example of Monsanto doing what they do best.

I brought back the usual assortment of food products, personal care items, and clothing. It appears TSA and I have broken up or at the very least are going through a trial separation. They always leave a nice note in my luggage telling me how much they enjoyed rifling through my Target & Kohl's purchases. This time when I checked---nothing. I'm brokenhearted but will find a way to carry on.

It's time to do a zombie shuffle over to the grocery store and replenish the food supply. I can with great confidence predict an early bedtime tonight.

My visit had so many wonderful memories, the funniest of which I shared with you. I'm already looking forward to returning for the holidays!

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TerryDarc said...

The TSA used to send me little love notes, too but on the last couple trips to Viet Nam and Greece/UK, they've let my bag alone. For me, I think it's the pile of electronic cords that fascinated them.

Now maybe they've gotten used to the tangles of lines, little boxes and adapters I like to drag around.

You? It might be something else.