Monday, February 17, 2014

Facebook Movie

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There have been a rash of Facebook movies released recently, and my management team was anxious to not miss the wave. We quickly got our movie green-lighted and rushed into production. A frantic shooting schedule was thrown together so the movie could open during the holidays in time for Oscar consideration.

Alas, the project was plagued with problems from the outset. Location troubles--inclement weather--equipment failures--creative differences over the script. It seemed everything that could go wrong did.

Then Danny DeVito, who was playing me, decided to hold out for more money. The little shit. He hasn't worked in years, and you would have thought he'd be grateful for a paycheck.

So I'm sorry to announce that my Facebook movie has been scrapped and will never be seen.

Actually, I'm not that sorry. I never cared for my casting choice to begin with. I wanted that Thor dude.


Kenneth March said...

I don't get it ?

Edd Staton said...

Sadly, Kenneth, a joke that must be explained is never funny.

Unknown said...

Haha! Dana and I DO think Thor is the perfect casting choice! Hi to you and Cynthia from the snowy US.