Monday, June 16, 2014

Birthday Celebration

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My beloved wife Cynthia's birthday was Saturday and I wanted to do something special for her. A card, flowers, and box of chocolates wouldn't cut it (although she got those too), so I made reservations at Noe, a new sushi restaurant that we had heard so much about.

With seven locations in Quito and four in Guayaquil, Noe is no stranger in Ecuador's largest cities, but a restaurant like this brings a whole new level of dining to little Cuenca.

For starters, the space itself is dramatically designed with a contemporary feel totally different from the traditional interiors usually found in other restaurants here.

Service was impeccable throughout the evening. Our champagne glasses were always refreshed before they were empty,

and anything we needed was anticipated before we could request it. Impressive!

The menu is literally a glossy magazine (with BMW and other high end ads) offering an overwhelming number of choices. Having been forewarned of this fact and that it's totally in Spanish, we studied the selections--in English--online and pretty much knew what we wanted upon arrival. Doing so allowed us to relax and enjoy the evening without over-ordering or being flustered and perhaps disappointed with what came to the table.

So what about the food? Honestly, it was outstanding. We shared a cold appetizer of grilled shrimp and vegetables in Oriental rice pancakes.

I chose a steak and langostino teppanyaki dish

while Cynthia enjoyed two half rolls--one with crispy salmon and the other filled with shrimp and avocado and flambeed table-side with sake.

The staff brought out a complimentary tiramisu for Cynthia and sang a heartfelt "Happy Birthday" in their best English. So sweet.

I highly recommend Noe for a superb dining experience.

PS. Happy Birthday to my forever girlfriend.


Elizabeth Stewart said...

Happy Birthday to Cynthia! My birthday was last Friday, wish I was in Cuenca for that! Great photos!!

Terri Scott said...

Thank you for sharing this experience. Somehow, I would have never imagined that the country is large enough for this restaurant to expand so greatly.

Then again, I never expected to learn about a sushi restaurant in Ecuador. I'm learning about what I should expect. From what I'm reading, the accommodations there aren't third-world at all.

I love dining overseas. The waiters and the staff take such pride in their work, unlike here in the U.S. I'll need to add this to my list of restaurants to visit.

And THANK YOU for warning us to read the menu in English online, first.

Edd Staton said...

Elizabeth, belated happy birthday to you! Maybe next year in Cuenca. Terri, Ecuador has dining and accommodations for all budgets--$2.50 lunches and $200/night hotels.