Monday, February 16, 2015

Party Central?

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It's Carnaval 2015 and the raucous celebrations continue in Cuenca. Mardi Gras in New Orleans can't hold a candle to this wild and crazy place. Here's a scene shot from our window that gives you a glimpse of the mad revelry going on.


Cuenca today is an absolute ghost town. Stevie Wonder could happily wander around town without an escort.

The owner of the gym where I work out is kindly opening until noon each day while all this "merriment" is going on. Walking there this morning I was amazed at how many birds I heard singing. I'm sure this is happening every day, but the buzz of traffic and city noise normally drowns out all the chirping. It is just that quiet right now.

So where is everybody? The short answer is--somewhere else. Citizens with means have traveled to coastal spots like Salinas. This is what the scene there looks like right now. Wanna join them?

Me neither.

Lots of others are gathered at weekend homes outside of town in Paute and Yunguilla. Or hanging out with their family, preparing huge feasts and squirting foam and/or throwing water balloons at each other (a tradition I just don't get).

These two gringos are keeping a low profile, which is quite easy since there's nothing to do anyway. Trust me, I'm not complaining. It's wonderful to enjoy all this peace and quiet for a bit. Tomorrow the city will be semi-open, then Wednesday all will be back to normal.

I'll miss hearing the birds.

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Abby Cottongim said...

We laid in the back garden almost all Monday listening to the chirping and' was almost surreal knowing you are in the middle of a city with 500k residents! A nice change of pace.