Thursday, August 27, 2015

A "Typical" Day

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When Cynthia and I attend International Living conferences (we'll be at this year's Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas conference in Las Vegas from September 25-27, in fact) the most frequent question we're asked is, "What do you do all day?."

None of our days are "usual," meaning dull and repetitive, although they're not without a whisper of a structure. What routine we have is built around our morning fitness schedules. Cynthia attends yoga classes and I head to the gym three days a week. Everything else is pretty much freelanced.

But to give those interested a glimpse of what a "typical" day is like around here, let me quickly recount today so far. I got out of here around 9 this morning to, yes, go work out. After beating myself up for about an hour with the weights I walked across the river to the ATM to grab some cash. Then I remembered we've got company coming over this evening and nothing to serve except alcohol (which is certainly better than nothing, but-----) so I decided to stroll over to the nearby Supermaxi to pick up some provisions.

Cheese, fruit, and some extra wine (just in case) purchased, I spotted a "wheelbarrow lady" nearby with beautiful strawberries. Maybe you don't know what that means. Indigenous folks load wheelbarrows with fruit and sell their wares all over the city. The main mercado is on the other side of town so I don't even want to know how far these sweet folks push those heavy things, and I'm happy to buy from them whenever I can. I got $2 worth (it's customary to ask for "poquito mas"--a little more) and continued my walk home.

I stopped by to tell Betty, our local florist, how beautiful the roses are that I bought from her a couple of days ago. Two dozen just-off-the-truck-and-still-bundled-in-cardboard from nearby Paute had set me back a whopping four bucks and they are absolutely gorgeous. Betty knows zero English and I speak Tarzan Spanish but we work it out, and she seemed so pleased that I took the few minutes to pop in and thank her.

Not done yet. Next and final stop was the "sandwich guy" near our building to pick up lunch. Good thing too because the bags were getting heavy! Two big roast pork and two roast turkey sandwiches plus this yummy coconut juice drink that seems to always be sold as an accompaniment came to $9.50. And, man, they are good!

Hoofing it again to our building and up the four flights of steps I was back home by 11:30. And tired. After finishing this post it's siesta time, then perhaps I'll finish an article for IL magazine I'm working on later this afternoon before our company arrives for wine and Mexican food at a nearby restaurant.

Or not. There's always tomorrow---.

So there it is. Another day in paradise!


Myron D'Abreo said...

Hi Edd,

I enjoy reading your posts. The sandwiches sound yummy, where is he located?



Edd Staton said...

The sandwiches are terrific! I don't know the exact address. Do you know where the modern gray and red building on 10 de Agosto is (the 911 center is right behind it)? My sandwich guy is in a little shop next to it on the side street. Hope those lame directions help.

Dennis A. Fahey said...

I love these "slice of life" posts. More of the same, por favor!

Edd Staton said...

Thanks for saying that, Dennis. We're just living our life, you know? So I sometimes have to remind myself that others might find what we do to be at least mildly interesting.

izzie11 said...

Your day sounds great! I'm NOT enjoying the high humidity, ever increasing crowded streets and neighborhoods, and arrogant attitudes of the area I'm currently living. Cuenca sounds like a breath of fresh air! I know you are enjoying your life there and I can't wait until I can visit the city. Thanks for your great posts, please keep us informed, we love hearing it.

eddsaid said...

Izzie, most of our days ARE great! Don't know where you are currently residing but it sounds like you need a change of scenery. Come check out Cuenca sometime, and thanks for writing!

izzie11 said...

Thanks Edd ~ YES! I do need a change of scenery! I'm in the suburbs of Kansas City and can't wait to get out of here. Hoping I can arrange a trip there within the next few months. Are there any particular times of year you suggest visiting is not a good idea? Keep me posted. Thanks again!

Edd Staton said...

I would advise not coming during a holiday simply because lodging will be in short supply and more expensive. Look them up--we have a LOT! Beyond that there's really no best time since we don't have actual seasons. July and August are normally the worst months weather-wise (overcast and cooler) but this year has been the best "winter" since we arrived five years ago. Your winter is our summer so if you come during the next few months you should be in good shape.