Saturday, October 29, 2016

The "3 P's" of Our Presidential Election

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I’ve been wanting to comment on the upcoming presidential election but there has been so much late-breaking news that I can’t keep up! Perhaps some new development will be in the headlines before you even read this.

What an earth-shaking, ground-breaking campaign we have witnessed. Two celebrity candidates, both profoundly disliked by the voting public, slugging it out for months in an ugly contest for the White House. Charges and countercharges have been so numerous that we’re all exhausted.

I see “3 P’s” in play (and, no, one of them is NOT the word used by Trump with Billy Bush), and two of them have in my mind gotten far too much attention.


I’m not sure how much the general public pays attention to polls but the media LOVE them. New ones seem to come out every few days with stories about how they indicate this and that.

Problem is, the information presented fluctuates so wildly that they are meaningless. Two weeks ago the pollsters declared the election over and Hillary the winner. According to them there was only a handful of undecided’s insufficient to have any impact on the outcome.

A couple of days ago (and before last night’s bombshell FBI revelation) polls showed Hillary’s lead had shrunk from insurmountable to within margin of error. Now given the previous “conclusive” data how could that have possibly happened in one week?

Polling data was wrong on Brexit. It was wrong recently in Columbia. WAY wrong in both cases. I say ignore all this rubbish.


In this corner, a brash, outspoken newcomer with a faulty brain-to-mouth filter. His opponent, a scripted, robotic political veteran with a shady past.

It’s hard to like either one of them, isn’t it? Trump’s membrane-thin skin and supersized ego have opened so many self-inflicted wounds. Clinton is a congenital liar who seems more like a castoff android from Westworld than a real human being.

But sadly their collective flaws have driven much of the hateful vitriol of each candidate’s respective supporters. On social media I observe this behavior is much more pronounced among Hillary fans.

Many of them seem to despise Trump with an intensity that is borderline disturbing. Trump supporter: “Hillary is corrupt and evil.” Hillary fan: “Oh, yeah? Trump is the kind of man who would tie up and beat your child, rape her, then enjoy killing her.” Huh? No contest.

Like them or not, these are our two candidates and we’re voting for President, not Mr. & Miss Congeniality. Let’s force ourselves to quit watching the freak show this campaign has turned into and pay more attention to P #3.


For this final week, can we put all the “Crooked Hillary” and “woman-hating bigot” nonsense on the shelf and keep our easily diverted minds on what these two deeply flawed people represent for our future? And not just the next four years. Supreme Court appointments will impact us for a generation.

What is their vision on the economy, immigration, foreign policy, national security, deficit reduction, and the host of other vitally important issues? Which position most aligns with your own values?

Let’s make it our business to know as least as much about what’s at stake in this important election as we do about emails and sexual harassment charges. Then let’s vote our conscience on November 8.


lawrence hamilton said...

H Clinton was "dead broke" when she left th Whitehouse, in her own words. After eight years of public service, she is now worth over 200 Million Dollars. Put that on your list under "Prosperity".

Carlos said...

"Then let’s vote our conscience on November 8."

I did. As I responded to one of your prior posts, since "none of the above" wasn't an option, I wrote in my vote for Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff.

Hillary belongs in jail, The Donald belongs in the nuthouse, Johnson belongs in a pile of doobies, and Stein belongs in Socialist Sweden.

As far as focusing on policies, The Donald has never been able to articulate anything any more specific for any of his plans other than to promise that they're going to be "really incredible" and we're going to "win, win, win." He's an egotistical, narcissistic, arrogant, imbecilic clueless windbag and no more belongs in the White House than Donald Duck.

Thank goodness we live in Ecuador. After Hillary steals the election and immediately goes to war with Russia, we'll be thankful that we live outside the blast zone.

Carlos said...

Here's another alternative Edd:

Edd Staton said...

Lawrence, I had to stop somewhere but your point is well taken.

Carlos, good for you for voting your conscience! But I disagree that Trump has not articulated specific policies. What about a tax cut for small business from 35% to 15%? Or a 35% tax cut for middle income families? Or ending Common Core, encouraging school choice, and returning education to the local level? Or programs to relieve the horrible condition of blighted inner city neighborhoods?

Hillary's whole message (and I've watched campaign speeches for both of them) can be summarized as, "That Trump fellow is one bad hombre." No specifics--"go to my website for details."

As for the Queen, the UK has enough fish to fry gracefully exiting the EU. Let's leave them to their business.