Monday, July 10, 2017

A Love Story

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Two kids fell in love in the summer of 1967. From the start their romance was improbable and unconventional. He was a college freshman; she was a freshman in high school. No one except them gave the relationship much of a chance.

While classmates talked of sock hops and football games, they spent hours planning their future and spoke of growing old together. They patiently waited four years for their June graduations, exchanged vows a month later, and have been joyously married ever since.

Those two kids are Cynthia and me. Today is our 46th wedding anniversary and the amazing celebration of 50 years as a couple. We've grown up together, and now we indeed do have the privilege of growing old together.

Cynthia, my darling, I love you more deeply than words can express. We have an eternal, unbreakable bond that few could understand and even fewer will experience. Your presence has been my life's greatest treasure, and I only wish that time could grant me the honor of spending another fifty years by your side.

Happy Anniversary, sweetheart. May we have many, many more.


Tina Paul said...

This is wonderful! Happy Anniversary!

Jerry Walker said...

Happy Anniversary, you crazy kids!!

So glad to know you,
Jerry Walker

Melinda Gordon said...

Happy 46th Anniversary to an amazing and very loving couple. We too, wish you both another 50 years together. Hugs and love!

Edd Staton said...

Tina, JD, Melinda--thanks so much for your kind words. We love our life together!

David Hammond said...

That's a nice post, Edd.
Even from the outside, it's evident you and Cynthia share something really special.

Edd Staton said...

I appreciate it, David. Glad it's that obvious. :-)

Bonobology said...

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