Sunday, September 21, 2008


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Sorry to be slow posting--it's been a bizarre week. In honor of the "pig with lipstick" comment from you-know-who, I've resurrected a children's poem I wrote 20+ years ago.

What's that pig doing in my dress?
Get it off before she makes a mess!
Surely even a piggy knows
You don't wear someone else's clothes
Without at least asking permission
But I've got a sneaking suspicion
She's trying to make me upset.
No, not about how it will get
So dirty dragging on the ground
Or that the hem may come unwound.
The thing that makes me start to cry,
The thing that makes me want to die
Is seeing my dress on a sow
And knowing that no matter how
I fool myself, or at least try to
The pig looks better in it than I do.


Brandon said...

nice...I had forgotten you wrote all those.

Cynthia said...

Love your poems! Maybe I'll dig up the ones you wrote to me when we were dating soooo many years ago.

Edd Staton said...

Please don't exhume the bodies. By now they really stink.

Adrian and John said...

Hey! Now that I'm back in Germany I can catch up on your blog. I LOVE your poems and think you should put them all on disk and scan the drawings. Such a special treat.