Wednesday, November 12, 2008


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Ever wonder why The Strip is called "The Strip?" Probably not, but I'm going to tell you anyway. Back in the '30's a totally corrupt LAPD cop named Guy McAfee was forced to resign because of his ties to organized crime. He moved to Las Vegas and bought a little club called The Pair-O-Dice (cute).

Because of his Mob connections he was able to grow his business to the point that he built The Golden Nugget, then the largest casino in Vegas. As the gambling business started to spread down Highway 91 (at that time known as Arrowhead Highway) City of LV leaders saw the tax opportunities and decided to annex the land.

McAfee and his fellow casino operators sidestepped their plan by forming an unincorporated township called Paradise (named after his 1st club) as a tax shelter that could not be annexed. He called the 4 mile stretch of highway "the Strip" after the Sunset Strip in LA and the name stuck.

So when you're walking down Las Vegas Boulevard admiring the fountains at Bellagio or the canals at Venice you're really not in Las Vegas at all----you're in Paradise!!

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