Wednesday, November 5, 2008


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Well, it had to happen sooner or later, I guess. I’ve managed to overlook the wrinkles; the morning stiffness—hey, must have worked too hard at the gym. I’ve even pooh-poohed the occasional moments of forgetfulness. But I increasingly notice a fundamental difference between me and “young people” that brings me face-to-face with the reality that, yes, I’m getting older.

The distinction has nothing to do with smooth skin or lively spirit. I just find it amusing?sad?bewildered? that kids appear to need to be “connected” every waking moment. For instance, the ever-present Ipod. What’s wrong with hearing the sounds of your own life, at least once in awhile? I actually enjoy the thoughts that go on between my ears. Nature abhors a vacuum; maybe piping in music constantly is an attempt to fill an empty cranium.

And this texting business is WAY out of control. I watch kids thumbing away in restaurants, concerts, and movies. Is whatever it is you’re “talking” about that urgent? I’m looking at you—trust me, ANYTHING you’ve got to say is of no urgency or important whatsoever, ever.

Facebook, YouTube, IM-------. I just don’t get it. Whatever happened to the old-fashioned notion of actually having a face-to-face conversation with another live human being?

The creepy thing is this all seems so Matrix-like—being plugged in and bombarded with constant external, artificial stimuli. I’m happy to be a purposely disconnected member of “notcom” nation.

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Adrian and John said...

I agree and I'm a part of that generation! I can't text to save my life. It takes too long and I'd rather just call. I'm only speaking for myself. I think John is officially hooked on the Crackberry.