Thursday, August 19, 2010

Inca Ruins and Sloppy Jose's

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We're finally about to move into our permanent residence so it's been a crazy busy week. And we're leaving first thing in the morning for a long weekend on the coast. So while I have several things to write about I literally haven't had time to do it.

Therefore I want to share with you some more photos taken during an outing a couple of weeks ago. We visited Ingapirca, which are the most important Incan ruins in Ecuador. Because it was a Sunday we stopped in Canar on the way to tour their weekly market. The trip was arranged through Terra Diversa, a local company owned by our good friend Juan Heredia. By sheer coincidence another friend, Paul Wilches, served as the guide that day.

Canar is a large town with what appeared to be a zero gringo population. It was fascinating to wander around and like a fly on the wall observe the locals dressed in their special white Sunday hats and living their lives.


and young--------

Paul did an excellent job of explaining the different foods

and there were plenty to choose from

as well as beautiful garments

Taking a guided tour to Ingapirca was so much better than going alone. Paul's explanation of the history, the layout, and the technology made the trip incredibly enriching. Otherwise you'd wander around for 10 minutes, say "OK, I've seen a bunch of rocks," and leave. Here are some shots of the ruins and the surrounding area.

and of course the "Two Amigos"

We got back late afternoon pretty beat, but guess what? Some great friends of ours were leaving town soon and having a going-away party for themselves. What the hell--we can sleep in tomorrow. We "freshened," created appetizers from whatever was in the refrigerator, grabbed a cab, and scooted to the other side of town. The hosts served "Sloppy Jose's," we ate and drank until too late and fell into bed.

Just another day in paradise. Gotta go pack. Love ya, mean it.


Sapa Ynca said...

How many times have we said that! Sleep tomorrow.....have a great trip!

Stela James said...

Thats a nice place to visit.

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mikapoka said...

Hi, thanks for sharing your insights, I've never been there so your reports are extremely interesting. Wish you all the best in your brand new house.
Ciao from Italia!

Art said...

Dear Ed,

My wife and I truly enjoy your stories about life in Cuenca and eagerly wait for your new articles. Keep'em coming ... I'm 56 and have started to think about retiring, possibly in Cuenca. We'd like to meet you in person and drink some good wine together ... when we arrive.

Art & Lana

isop3 said...

Hi, I must say I look forward to each new post.
I read a number of Cuenca blogs and find yours to be the most in harmony with my ways.

I especially liked the bus ride adventure you wrote about.

I hope to meet up with you some day in Cuenca and hopefully have a laugh of two.

I really appreciate your satire and whit.

Stela James said...

It's nice photo. thanks for the from home said...

Interested in your permanent residence. Did you buy - house or condo - would you mind sharing pricing info - and something about the process.
We are planning Jan 2011 trip and think it will be extended into permanent residence - and so we are very interested in fact vs fiction.
There is so much info out there about Educador and real estate prices these days.
Thanks - and good luck.


Edd Staton said...

Nan, we are renting. The decision to buy vs. rent is highly personal, but we feel too many gringos "drink the Kool-Aid" when they're here on their exploratory trip and make an impulsive purchase. Rentals generally range from $400-700 unfurnished and purchases from around $70K to twice that, depending on size, location, and condition.