Monday, August 16, 2010

Under the Weather

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Nicholas had a question about the weather after my last posting. Quite honestly it has totally sucked for the last week+--no sun, chilly, and often raining. With no heat or air in the apartment we're walking around inside with coats on! Not exactly the "Eternal Spring" promised on the enticing Cuenca websites. Oh, well, nothing's perfect.

We were supposed to go to the beach over the weekend, but that trip got postponed until this Friday. So we jumped at an invitation to visit the nearby Yunguilla valley instead. Although only about 45 minutes from here, it's at a lower elevation and therefore has much different weather. As in warm and sunny. Yes!!

It was odd to see folks in shorts and flip flops, especially at a seafood place where we had a phenomenally fresh shrimp and sea bass lunch. Wasn't the beach trip next weekend??

In addition to getting to wear sunglasses again we were treated to some unbelievably gorgeous scenery all the way. Here are some of the best pics from our outing:

Normally I'm blabbing about this and that, but sometimes pictures truly are worth a thousand words, aren't they? Or when I get wound up, several thousand--------. Ecuador is one crazy beautiful country. Oh, by the way, this trip to the coast coming up is during prime humpback whale-watching season. More photos may be forthcoming!


Karen Kimbler said...

We too are yearning for some sunshine.. today worked wonders for my attitude. We are working on a bus trip or hitchhike with someone to check out that valley. I am glad you had a great time.

indel said...

Thank you for answering my question. Silly me, I have five digital thermometers in the house and on the North and South side of it. I thought that all are maniacs as I am, so your answer would be a chart with hourly drawn temperatures. I know what you mean wearing more clothing during the winter. This year was an unusual cold weather here, and with a skimpy budget, I burned a whole oak tree in my fireplace. But I still had to wear heavy clothes. Now I am complaining of 90+ degrees and high humidity. But I am optimistic, this recession will pass in ten or twenty years, and I will be able to sell my belongings and come to Cuenca.

Jim said...

Absolutely, breath-taking scenery. I have got to make that trip when I get back to Cuenca, and all that scrumptious seafood besides! Wish I could send some of this Chicago humidity and heat to you guys. Cuidense. Jim