Tuesday, April 2, 2013

No Vacancy

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There was an interesting article last week in Cuenca High Life, a local online publication. It seems that several real estate developers are refusing to sell units in their new condominium projects to gringos.

"What?" you might ask. "Don't Ecuadorians think we're all wealthy? How can this be possible?"

Well, mostly because we're a pain in the ass. Not all of us, of course. The article states that too many foreigners have been overly rude and demanding, prompting developers to sell only to locals.

I was quite happy to read this because it's a great message about who's really in charge here. We expats are guests in this country and should always behave accordingly. These knuckleheads who move here with the expectation of finding, or creating for themselves, a "cheap America" and constantly complain about people not speaking English (in Ecuador!) and everything else that doesn't suit them need to be taught a lesson.

And there's no better classroom than one's wallet.

Foreigners are often falsely blamed for rising prices in real estate because we are an obvious presence. Sales to expats are only a tiny percentage of the overall market, so these developers have decided that their profits will not be adversely affected by their decision. In fact, because Cuencanos are more accommodating, their bottom lines will increase. Since Ecuador (thankfully) doesn't have myriad laws, rules, and regulations protecting everyone from everything like the US, these businessmen can simply say that their projects are "sold out" without fear of retribution.

My advice is blunt:

If you're not excited about relocating to Ecuador, please don't come. If you're in Ecuador and not happy, please leave!



You cracked me up!! Yes, I've heard this from a couple of constructor friends we have, lol..
Hugs to your wife and I will call her soon for tea at home! Hope you both had a nice Easter.

Donna B. McNicol said...

Way to go! We are excited about our month long visit this month and making the decision on whether to move there or not. Great reminder that we won't be in Kansas anymore. ;-)

Sherry said...

Hear hear!

Sherry said...
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Dennis A said...

Too right, Ed! I hear all the accolades of Cuenca and in the same breath people/YouTubes/Articles display discontent of no Cheerios, too much rain, gringo inflation, diesel fumes, the elevation and so on and so on! Great article!

Ecuador Garry said...

Ed, I see one comment was deleted by the author on April 3rd. I think, unless there were a lot of bad language in the note, you should have left it in. It was obviously a bad comment but I think we all need to know who the idiots are that expect too much for so little.

Get real folks, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" FIT IN.

Edd Staton said...

Garry, I'm the author of the blog, not the comments. Whoever wrote what you mentioned deleted it himself.

Robert said...

Greetings Edd. My wife and I rode from UIO to Swissotel last August with you and Cynthia. Loved your presentation at the conference. But the reason I post this comment is to applaud you (and Cuenca High Life) for pointing out the views of some of the developers there, and more importantly actually showing support for their position.

georgef said...

I smiled when I read the original article and also when I read your take on it... Good stuff and it say a lot about that Ugly American or Ugly Expat thing a lot of us see going on all around us... George

Edd Staton said...

Of course we remember you two, amigo. Will you be joining us in EC soon? Cynthia still wants to buy your wife's greeting cards!