Thursday, April 18, 2013


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Well, this has certainly been an interesting week. Cynthia & I spent Monday and Tuesday with John Quinones and his producer Sarah Netter from Diane Sawyer's ABC Primetime News. They came here to interview us and another couple, Paul & Jan Cottage, about our decision to move abroad.

They spoke with the Cottage's Monday morning, then we all met for lunch downtown.

In the afternoon we showed them around the city. Tuesday morning they met Cuenca's mayor and did some other filming in El Centro, and in the afternoon they interviewed us in our casa. We finished our time together with a rousing Gringo Night at DiBacco.

The segment will probably air sometime in late May or early June. I'll keep you posted.

PS. We head for the States tomorrow to see our family. A highlight will definitely be meeting our new 3 month old grandson Aaron in person for the first time. We're pumped!!


TerryDarc said...

Congratulations on the grandkid. We're still waiting for our first. ;0

Divinely Designed said...

I totally agree with your comments on the fast food.
As for the grandkid, mine are grown ups; waiting for first great grand child; it could happen. I'm only 64, though.

Fire Glass said...

Hola Edd;

I am most interested in hearing when Primetime might air the segment on Cuenca and the fabulous Staton's so please keep me posted. I could not find your personal email so am hitting up your blog site. Say hi to Cynthia and stay in touch.

Your bud,

Danny Marcus

joann mansfield said...

Ed and Cynthia,

Like the prior post I can find no email to reach you but I saw the ABC Primetime show and since than have been gathering everything I can find about Cuenca.

My friend and I are coming to visit mid Sept and would love to actually meet you and ask questions I am sure you get all the time.

Deke from Gringotree suggested I write to some of the expats to try to set up a meeting.

Is there a way to contact your directly??


joann mansfield said...

Sorry in my hurry to get this off I misspelled your name EDD, please forgive me.

I am enjoying your blogs and it is nice to get an honest opinion. I loved the one on the fast food as well. People don't seem to be happy unless they are trying to control everyone else.