Thursday, May 16, 2013

1 Minute 50 Seconds of Fame

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The segment on Diane Sawyer's World News show unexpectedly aired last night. We received notification only hours in advance. John Quinones and Sarah Netter spent two full days with us and Paul & Jan Cottage shooting hours of footage, so we were anxious to see how the final piece was edited.

We were pleased that the focus was generally on expats moving abroad with Cuenca basically serving as a backdrop for the story. An interesting statistic quoted was that almost 350,000 Americans are receiving their Social Security payments in another country. Since I and most everyone I know have payments deposited in a US bank account the true number of expats must be staggering.

And growing.

It was fun to see a family photo we furnished the network showing up.

One minute and fifty seconds later, it was over. All in all I think the story was well done and we were honored to be asked to participate.

Here's the link to the segment plus an accompanying article:

American retirees stretch their dollars in Ecuador


Jaci said...

On our way there tomorrow, May 18, for a two week "look see" trip! It has been in the works for a year and looking forward to the adventure. If you have any suggestions for meeting up with other expats,we'd appreciate your thoughts.

I am already dreading another Texas summer, but doubt I can pull off a move before then. It is already hitting 90!!


Jaci said...

Blogger is acting a bit weird...

Edd Staton said...

Jaci, I just tried the link and it worked fine. Go to DiBacco on Tuesday night, Fabiano's on Friday night, Inca Bar & Lounge, San Sebas Cafe, and California Kitchen anytime. You're sure to bump into some gringos at those places. We're on our way to Mexico Monday to speak at the International Living Ultimate Event. Perhaps we can hook up when we return to Cuenca,