Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sounds of Silence

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Cynthia left for the States to visit our family on Monday night and I'll be joining her next week. In the past I haven't been my "best self" in her absence. This time I've got a lot of writing to do preparing two presentations we'll be delivering at the upcoming IL Ultimate Event in Cancun so I'll be able to keep myself occupied.

I realized as I was making breakfast today that since Cynthia left, except for a brief conversation when she arrived in Newark yesterday morning, I hadn't uttered one syllable aloud since I told her goodbye at the airport. Anyone who knows me well is aware that silence isn't one of my natural traits. If I was a monk in a previous life it must have been a miserable existence.

My revelation made me realize that having another person in your life, be it a roommate, live-in, or spouse, allows you the simple joy and pleasure of having someone to talk to. My sweetheart and I have been together so long (44 years in July) I must admit I just take it for granted that she's nearby whenever I want to share something with her.

I don't like this environment one bit, so it makes me wonder how all you single folks do it. Are you quiet all the time around the house, or do you talk to yourself because, what the hell, there's no one there to tell you that's kind of weird anyway? Do you chat on the phone a lot, or get together with friends? I am sincerely curious about what you do to bring human interaction into your life. Or if you do anything.

Now I'm talking about real conversation--you know, where people are in the same space with actual words coming out of their mouths. Not online chats and definitely not texting. God, I hate texting, mainly because I suck at it. In the time it takes me to send a one sentence text I could have called the person, made a sandwich, and gone to the bathroom.

When I was studying anthropology I learned that as primates developed opposable thumbs they could grab low-hanging fruit and climb trees to escape predators. Fast forward to today and it appears the real reason for this evolutionary advantage was to send a damn text. Who knew? Nobody saw that one coming.

Well, I'm off to the gym and then lunch with friends. Apologies in advance to my workout buddies and dining companions--I'm probably going to be overly chatty today.


izzie11 said...

My life is the opposite of yours. I have been single for a long time and find it absolutely wonderful. As far as interaction with others, I'm chatty when out and about, but I feel no need to have the company of another person. It's liberating. My time is spend doing things that are important and meaningful to me and I do not feel the need to "share" that with anyone. Sounds selfish? Perhaps, but I spent most of my life catering to others and listening to them recount experiences or give me their opinion and secretly wishing they would just be quiet. I love my life now and wouldn't trade it for anything. My happiness has increased by leaps and bounds since I've been single. I enjoy the company of others, but the wonderful thing is - I get to go home and relish my quiet life. It's heavenly! So, don't wonder about those of us who have chosen a different path, we're quite happy!

Edd Staton said...

Thanks for your insightful comments. I've received so many thoughtful and well-written emails as well. Everyone please feel free to post something here about this subject or send a private email to