Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Full Moon Horseriding Adventure

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We recently enjoyed a very special weekend that I'd like to share with you. Through our good friends at TerraDiversa tour company Cynthia and I have had the pleasure of several horseback riding trips over the years through the beautiful Ecuadorian countryside.

Last month we took these excursions to a whole different level with a full moon ride.

Joined by another fun-loving couple we all were driven to Hacienda Totorillas

where we would be staying overnight in a lovely, rustic casita on the property.

Even these photos can't fully capture the beauty of this place. And to think it's only a short distance from the city!

Shortly after getting settled another group arrived to join us for the ride. We all got outfitted with boots and safety helmets

and at dusk we were off!

Our steady horses climbed upwards along narrow ancient trails used by the CaƱari people long before the arrival of the Incas. Then just as we came into a high clearing the full moon slowly rose over the mountains as seen in the first photo.

It was a sight so truly magnificent that all of us sat silently on our saddles in awe. Then our guide Carlos told us to turn around and there behind us were the twinkling lights of Cuenca!

On the way back in a pasture Carlos asked if we wanted to go faster for a bit. Everyone said "yes," and off we went galloping through the night. A little scary? Sure was. An unforgettable memory? Absolutely!!

Once we returned a ceremony was held around a bonfire as our group enjoyed wine and refreshments.

Afterwards our riding companions left and the four of us pretty quickly fell into bed. The next day we took a leisurely hike to once more take in the breathtaking scenery before heading home.

If you'd like to experience the beauty of Ecuador from a unique perspective, consider going for a horseback ride even if you've never been on a horse in your life. All the horses are matched to the size of the rider and each tour is tailored to the skill and experience of the group. Contact MontaRuna Tours for more details.

The casita we stayed in is available for rental whether or not you want to ride. It has two bedrooms and is fully furnished. All you need to bring are food and clothing, and if, like us, you don't own a vehicle, transportation can be arranged. Cynthia and I love to go there occasionally just to relax and remind ourselves what a gorgeous country Ecuador is. Check with TerraDiversa for more info.