Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sometimes We Lose Our Minds

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On Sunday we often hang out at home and don't even unlock the door. For "retired people" we're often quite busy during the week and this day of R&R really suits us.

Today began with that exact vibe. I got up early, had a relaxing yoga session, and sat down to watch the finals of the French Open. Cynthia slept in and piddled around, while I actually crawled back into bed for a late morning nap.

A-h-h-h---life is good!

Shortly after my shower Cynthia asked me to help her turn our king size mattress. Sure, no problem. Somehow that involved us moving the bed out from the wall, which caused us to discover that the area back there hadn't been cleaned in awhile.

This triggered a chain reaction of thinking about all the other places in the house that needed attention, and we suddenly were off on a full court press deep cleaning project. I'm talking about up on ladders and down on hands and knees stuff. Tops of kitchen cabinets--behind the sofa--cleaning the sofa--tops of tall furniture--scrubbing the grout.

I don't know what the hell got into us, but a second shower, ibuprofen, and a cocktail later, I have to admit it feels good to know we got all of that done with one massive effort.

And it was still kind of like a normal Sunday--we haven't unlocked the front door.

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