Saturday, May 26, 2012

Avenue of the Volcanoes---Day 2

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We awoke to discover this lovely waterfall outside our terrace welcoming us through the morning mist.

This turned out to be a preview of the treats we had in store, because after an early breakfast we were off to see the Route of the Waterfalls. It's not hard to guess how this road got its name.

Our destination was the well-known Pailon del Diablo (Devil's Cauldron) waterfall, but on the way we noticed an awesome zipline adventure across a L-O-N-G and D-E-E-P river gorge. Next thing you know, much to the amazement of our guide, we're suited up and ready to rumble.

Here's my first ever blog video of Cynthia's ride:

Pretty cool, huh?

Once we got to our destination, we had to hike down, down, down to the bottom of the waterfall.

The Devil's Cauldron is one powerful force of nature.

After viewing the waterfall we enjoyed a delicious lunch in a beautiful setting.

Good thing we did. The hike back sure seemed longer than the one going down. Here's a look back at the place we ate lunch.

We spent the afternoon exploring Banos, the adventure capital of Ecuador.

With activities like canyoning, white water rafting, horseback riding, ATV'ing, and jungle tours, as well as more relaxing thermal pools and spa treatments, this town is a destination all to itself. We'll definitely be back here for more fun!

We're learning that different towns in Ecuador are known for specific things. Banos, in addition to being an adventure center, is also renowned for its taffy.

Another oddity like this was awaiting us in Pelileo, our next stop. On the way we saw Tungurahua, an active volcano outside Banos.

Pelileo is the "blue jean capital of Ecuador."

Who knew there could be such a place?? People come from all over the country to shop at the dozens of stores here. Could any of these possibly fit anyone you know?

Before leaving I was able to capture a pic of the rarely photographed "Tomb of the Unknown Mannequin."

We rolled into Salcedo late and checked into a wonderful, quirky hacienda. Pics of that in the next blog as well as a visit to a very unusual lake and mighty Cotopaxi volcano.

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