Saturday, May 12, 2012

Graduation Day

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I mentioned a few blogs ago that I'd enrolled in a painting class, and showed pics at the beginning of my efforts. Yesterday was "Graduation Day," and our teacher Gary Myers hosted an informal reception at his home/studio for all of us students to invite friends to drop by and see what we accomplished.

That's Gary on the left with the glass of wine.

There were drawings and paintings displayed throughout the house.

And we had a really nice turnout for the event.

So here's a "quickie" I knocked out in a couple of hours the last day of class. It's a little guy, only about 8x16".

The main project I completed for the class is a whopper, 30x40". Here are the stages it went through from session to session.

Class #1

Class #2

Almost there

And--tah dah--the finished product.

I had an absolute blast taking this series of classes and learned a great deal under Gary's guidance. If you Cuenca residents have ever wanted to make art a part of your "reinvention" I highly recommend you sign up and see what you can do. You'll most likely be pleasantly surprised. I'm so looking forward to taking on sculpting in the near future.


Michael said...

There is no autumn in Cuenca or anywhere in Ecuador for that matter. You are on the equator, with only two seasons, wet and dry

CheryLynn said...

You may be interested in a Facebook group just started called Artists in Ecuador. I'll be there as soon as I can retire.