Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Casa de los Frutales

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My friend and TerraDiversa partner Juan Heredia is a modest, humble guy, so I want to take a minute to brag on him a little myself. Not only did he found our successful tour company over 10 years ago, he is also part of an innovative real estate development company here in Cuenca.

He and his partners purchase large old historic houses in poor condition and completely renovate the buildings into modern loft-style condos. Although this idea has been around for quite sometime in the US, it is a totally new concept for our city. It was with great difficulty and much time that the company finally persuaded City Council to approve their initial project.

All the units in the first building were quickly purchased, and their second effort, currently under construction, sold out almost as soon as it was announced.

Now the third building, Casa de los Frutales, has just come on the market. Located on the north end of Cuenca in a safe area right next to our Music Conservatory, the original structure is somewhat newer than the first two, and the final product will be spectacular.

The views from the property are outstanding.

Here are some renderings of the interiors.

I took this photo while touring the construction site.

Here's what the space will look like when completed (notice the arched window).

I'm really proud of my buddy's work and happy to share it with you. If you're moving to Cuenca and want to live in a beautiful, well-lit, modern home, contact Juan at juan@terradiversa.com.

And tell him Edd sent you so he'll give you special treatment (and prices!).

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