Saturday, May 7, 2016

Are We Crazy??

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So we got home this morning two days late when the Cuenca airport finally reopened after shutting down a week ago. "An airport shut down for a week? Why?," you might (and should) ask. Because a plane skidded off the runway and got stuck in the mud. "What's the big deal about that?," you might (and should) ask. Well-----, it seems there wasn't any equipment big and strong enough around here to un-stick it, so airport officials had to bring machines all the way from Quito to save the day.

And the Quito area is where we hung out for those two days when our dear friends Gary and Kathleen Ashbrook kindly opened their casa to two weary, homeless travelers. A special "Muchas gracias!" to them for bailing us out.

We've been in the States for the last month. First we participated as Ecuador ambassadors at a very successful International Living conference in New Orleans. Next we flew to New Jersey to spend a week and a half with our daughter and family. Our two young granddaughters there are such a joy and we love every minute we spend together. Then it was off to North Carolina to take care of our little granddaughter and grandson while the parents enjoyed a long getaway weekend in Costa Rica. That was so much fun, but we understand why people have children when they are young. Whew!

Now that we're back in Cuenca it'll be great to kick back and relax for awhile, right? Uh, not so much. What's really going to happen is unpacking, washing clothes, and repacking, because we're off again next Tuesday for a 6 day/5 night Galapagos cruise! For many years this has been a "bucket list" destination and we're treating ourselves to an early 45th anniversary celebration.

When we get back from that amazing trip we'll surely take a chill pill, yes? Well-----.

The weekend after we return to Cuenca from the cruise we join another fun-loving couple for an overnight full moon horseback riding excursion through the Ecuadorian countryside. It'll be an amazing adventure that we've been planning for months.

After that? We actually have nothing on the calendar.


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