Friday, May 27, 2016

Galapagos--Day Three

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And an early start today because of a very busy morning itinerary. First a steep, somewhat challenging vertical hike

to Darwin Lake, a super-salty crater lake on Isabela.

Great views and a cool surprise—a flightless cormorant family had built a nest right on the steps where we got off the panga!

After returning to the boat and changing clothes, we went back to Isabela to kayak along the shore. Very peaceful and fun. Several cormorants popped up next to our kayak, a Galapagos penguin was hanging out, and at one point a quite large stingray glided underneath us.

After nothing but perfect weather the sky got unexpectedly cloudy, and the crew decided the water was too choppy for the first afternoon excursion of more snorkeling. We chose to forego the hike scheduled afterwards in favor of sitting in the Jacuzzi and relaxing in our room with a bottle of wine.

The day ended with a sunset cocktail party and dinner.

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Merala said...

Thank you for your blog, it's fun to learn more about Ecuador from those of you who have moved there. my partner and i are planning to visit...possibly contemplating a move but we'll see how the visit goes! we spent time in Belize last year and loved it there.