Sunday, May 29, 2016

Galapagos--Day Five

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The last day of the cruise was predictably filled with activities. We had arrived at Isla Floreana, an outpost for pirates, whalers, and sealers back in the day. After observing sea lions lounging on the rocks

we took a short hike at Post Office Bay. For centuries it has been a tradition to leave letters in a barrel there and anyone going to the recipients’ location delivers them upon returning home.

We sent four postcards to friends and family in the States. Will be interesting to see if they are ever received.

After that passengers had a choice of hanging out on the beach, kayaking, or snorkeling.

We chose the last option and had a fab time, spotting lots of beautiful fish and a couple of turtles. We went back to the ship a bit early to rest before heading out again TWICE during the afternoon.

First excursion: more snorkeling for me and a glass bottom boat ride for Cynthia. Then back to the boat for a quick change of clothes and returning to observe sea turtle nesting areas and pink flamingos. We hiked to the beach

just in time to see a baby turtle hatch—and promptly be eaten by a frigate bird that swooped down and gobbled it up. Yikes!

Nearing sunset while returning to the pangas we saw the flamingos in a lagoon and rushed to an observation area for some quick final photos. Sadly mine didn't turn out but it was still a great way to end the cruise excursions.

We had a pleasant final evening exchanging contact info and saying goodbye to new friends. There was quite a show in the waters beside the boat where lots of BIG sharks and sea lions competed for flying fish. Dinner, drinks and what?!?---karaoke (I did a mean Pretty Woman), then time to pack before bed.

A farewell pic from Floreana.

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